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AstroPhobia HD - Do you remember the space shooters from the 80s? Asteroids? Galaga, Galaxian? Well here's the LATEST Astro-Blast for the iPad! Explode your way through level after level of Aliens, UFOs and Asteroids to get the highest score!

Chick-Flick is a finger-flicking game for 2 players! Flick your chicks faster than your opponent in "Cow Soccer, "Hit the BullsEye", "Protect The Eggs" and "Duck Shoot". The perfect game for kids.

Color Me Photo HD is a fun app that allows you to take your Picture, create a cool black and white outline, and then paint on it for an infinite variety of designs! Load your photos from an existing album, or snap a new picture.

Monkey Paint is a simple, fun to use paint program that allows you to easily create fun pictures. Paint in regular style or super "glow" paint mode. Choose from a variety of brushes, options and colors to create your masterpieces!

RadioMaze is a musical arcade game with 99 levels of intense maze searching fury. PLUS, RadioMaze plays streaming music from the web while you play! Listen to Rock, Country, Pop, Metal, Blues, HipHop, or Classical music while you play!