TeleChron To The Cretaceous Audio Book

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I invite you to listen to the first 6 chapters of the my Sci-F novel “TeleChron To The Cretaceous”

“Warning: Time travel can kill you!”

A troubled adolescent boy buries a message in a cemetery for 5,000 years asking future time travelers to visit him. He gets his wish when a teenager arrives in a stolen time machine to take him on the scariest trip of his young life! 

Max is a boy troubled by the recent death of his grandmother. He loves baseball and science but has problems with bullies. Max’s dream is to see the future and escape his awful life. Riding his bike in the park one day, he witnesses a bizarre thing — a mechanical flower swallows an insect, miniaturizes, and then pops out of the ground at his feet. Convinced that it is alien technology from the future, Max goes ahead with his plan to bury a message in the cemetery for time travelers to visit him. After Max and his best friend Sarah give the object to their sixth grade science teacher, strange things begin to happen in his home town!

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TeleChron To The Cretaceous

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